Kylan Tri'abb

Smuggler, pilot


Name: Kylan
Job: Bursar/pilot/social support

Brief Description: An ambitious, thirty-something Devoranion who has been plying the Tion Trade Route for roughly the past decade, Kylan Tri’abb is doing exactly what he wants to be doing at this point in his life. He has been allied to the captain for several years now, and he has gotten the pair of them out of scrapes a few times due to his sponsorship from House Tion.

Now, they have taken on additional crew to diversify their income streams (the captain hates it when Kylan talks like that), and it’s all one big adventure.

Main NPCs to build:
Duchess Bridor Tion: The duchess, who lives on Rudrig and who sits on the board of trustees at the University of Rudrig, officially sponsors Kylan, allowing him to use her seal and negotiate on her behalf when she deems. Of course, this also means Kylan is “on call” so to speak and must attend to his sponsor’s needs when she deems it.

Frir Corv: A Quarren technician living in Steel Grotto on Raxus Prime, Frir manages a large junkyard and has access to a great number of ship components, most of them coming from warships from the civil war. With his help, Kylan has been able to find useful materials in the past and is looking forward to the chance to upgrade the ship.

Tassen of House Indrexu: A baronet living on Rudrig and who is also a member of the board of trustees for the University of Rudrig, Lady Tassen has seen fit to drag Kylan into the web of intrigue between herself and Duchess Bridor. Several kidnapping attempts have been made over the past few years, and things could… escalate. Kylan would like to lay her low, but he realizes he does not have the means to do so.


Kylan Tri'abb

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