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Character Creation

Characters may be built using options from Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny. Later on, characters may multi-class into specializations from the other games, as well. For instance, a Soldier: Medic from Age of Rebellion may take a second specialization as a Guardian from Force and Destiny or a Heavy from Edge of the Empire.

Starting Equipment

All PCs gain the following items for free:

  • Commlink (handheld—the 25 credit version)
  • Two stimpacks or two emergency repair kits (if the PC is a droid)
  • One datapad (75 credit version)
  • Space suit (the 100 credit version)

Duty, Obligation, and Morality

Regardless of which base game is used to build the PC, the character will have Obligation instead of Duty or in addition to Morality (if the PC is force-sensitive). Each PC will begin play with 10 Obligation, though characters may take up to an additional 10 Obligation to gain extra xp or credits during character creation, as per the Edge of the Empire core rules.

The PC's obligations must tie him or her to one or more of the factions listed above. Thus, a PC may be be being blackmailed into feeding information to the ISB, for instance.

Force-sensitive characters begin play with a Morality score of 50 in addition to their starting Obligation. A Jedi may adjust this score by either adding or subtracting 10 (a higher score denotes an affinity for the light side, while a low score indicates the character is headed toward the dark side) in order to begin play with one of the following items:

  • Basic lightsaber
  • Double-bladed lightsaber
  • Lightsaber pike
  • Shoto


  • The Mentor discount on all Force abilities chosen at character creation (Thanks, David).

Contacts and Connections

For an additional 10 xp or 2,500 credits during character creation, create a few NPCs to whom your character is connected. Specifically, create two contacts who live and work along the route who can help your crew in times of need (though they will not help the party in combat) and create one enemy who is after the character. The enemy may be tied to the Obligation you took earlier (such as a specific bounty hunter or a former crew mate with a grudge, etc.). Here are some ideas for contacts, and the list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Owner of drydock facilities (save 20% on Hull repairs)
  • Illegal arms dealer (can get restricted items without normal markup)
  • Salvage yard operator (save 40% on costs for ship upgrades/repairs, two black to Mechanics check to install them)
  • “Rebel” cell leader
  • Faction operative
  • ISB agent
  • Underground MedTech (Get cybernetics implanted at 10% discount)
  • Droid reseller (save 20% on droids/droid parts)
  • “Curiosities” dealer (Get lightsaber crystals, etc. at only 150% cost)
  • Forger
  • Fence (buy looted items at 75% cost)
  • Security informant (Tion Sec)

Group Decisions/Character Decisions

Finally, as a group, you need to determine an aspiration. What keeps this crew together? What do you all aspire to accomplish by flying this trade route? While your particular character may not agree with the group aspiration, he/she/it would most likely pay lip service to it if only to fit in.

Once the group aspiration has been determined, determine your character's personal aspiration, which may or may not be related to the group aspiration.

Next, determine the crew's hierarchy. For instance, are all PC's part-owners of the ship, with each PC owning a certain number of shares that determines his/her share of the profits? Are some PCs hirelings to other PCs? Also, determine who will be captain and who will be the bursar (treasurer). How will funds for maintenance, etc. be determined? Note: It will be expensive to keep a ship going in this campaign.

Finally determine the ship(s) your group will pilot, using the guidelines below.

Ship Choice

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