Although not as wealthy as other trade routes, its connection to the Parlemian Trade Route makes the Tion Trade Route a potentially lucrative place. With a weaker Imperial presence, those who prefer to work under the table can make lives for themselves here. As a result, several factions are active in this area. PCs may find themselves connected to any of the following groups:

•    House of Tion: Leaders of the sector, working to remain in power
•    House Indrexu: Contenders for the throne
•    Santhe/Sienar Technologies: Manufacturing company primarily making armaments and ships for the Empire.
•    Nikklon Mining: Mining corporation based in the sector
•    Tion Mil/Sci Tech: Shipbuilding corporation
•    Athakam MedTech: Medical technology firm trying to protect its secrets
•    Black Sun: Assorted illegal activities, particularly the spice trade
•    Raxus Shipping, LLC: Smuggling organization
•    Tion Bounty Hunter’s Guild: Handles all official bounties in the area

•    The Partisans: Saw Gerrera’s group has operatives here
•    The ISB: Spy network + informants
•    Dread Star Group: Large pirate outfit operating along the route
•    The Yiyar Clan: Rodian gang, mostly smugglers and scavengers

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